Some people say, "Zydeco musicians make a lot of money, so I'm going to start a band and make me a lot of money playing Zydeco. They don't stop and think that this is the music my grandfather played or listened to, or that this is a part of my heritage that I want my children to know. If I make a lot of money at this I'm happy, if I don't make a lot of money, well, I'm still happy" - quote from Wayne Singleton, in the upcoming documentary Zydeco Breakfast film........the statement of a true musician who wants to preserve the music of his heritage.
While some of the younger Zydeco musicians are pushing zydeco to the progressive left, Wayne & Same Ol 2 Step, keep their music firmly grounded in the Opelousas-Lawtell tradition of Zydeco. Mentored by the legendary Roy Carrier, Wayne Singleton, founder of the band, at the age of 36 has toured and played throughout the United States and in Europe, playing such venues as Blast from the Bayou at Strawberry Park, Oshkosh Sawdust Days Jazz and Zydeco Festival, Gator by the Bay, Daphne Zydeco Festival and the Cajun & Zydeco Festival in Raamsdonksveer, Holland.

During their 12 year span, the band has produced and released six CDs. Something for the Young & Old (2005); Who Want It (2007) Gotta Be Me (2009); I Bring It (2011); I AM The Creole Truth (2015) and the current Built Creole Tough (2016) . Offbeat Magazine's review of Gotta Be Me writes; "Given the subtle finishing touches, like the cool descending guitar cords and sliding keys, a band that has found it's course, Same Ol 2 Step is hardly same ol'. They will make you want to dance."

In an effort to spread the heritage of zydeco music, a sense of hard work, and the importance of education to the younger generations, Wayne frequently visits local schools to help the students learn about the rich history of the genre and the types of instruments used in zydeco such as the accordion and the rubboard. Wayne is honest with the students about the hard work it takes to be a musician, and how setting goals, staying in school, and having a plan for their lives, is a more important key to their success than just picking up an instrument.

Same Ol 2 Step encourage a smoke-free environment for musicians and endorse the Let’s Be Totally Clear campaign.